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JSPES, Vol. 39, No. 3 (Fall 2014)
Bassam A. Albassam Foreign Direct Investments, Economic Growth, and Employment: A Global Perspective
Percy Austin and Elizabeth Arnott-Hill Financial Literacy Interventions: Evaluating the Impact and Scope of Financial Literacy Programs on Savings, Retirement, and Investment
Norbert H. Meiners and Carla da Silva Santana Demographic Change and the Economics of an Aging Society: Key Findings on the Theoretical Positioning of Economics of Aging in Science
Dwight D. Murphey BOOK REVIEW ARTICLE A Provocative Look at Robert Gates’ “Memoirs of a Secretary at War”
Book Reviews A Fighting Chance • With Liberty and Dividends for All: How to Save Our Middle Class When Jobs Don’t Pay Enough • Europe’s Contending Identities: Supranationalism, Ethnoregionalism, Religion, and New Nationalism • International Migration: An Obstacle to Achieving World Stability