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Sample Articles

  • Emmanuel Oladipo Ojo, "Underdevelopment in Africa: Theories and Facts" [Full Text, pdf].

  • Bartholomew Armah, "Three Interventions to Foster Sustainable Transformation in Africa" [Full Text, pdf].

  • Timothy R. Heath, "Dispute Control: China Recalibrates Use of Military Force to Support Security Policy’s Expanding Focus" [Full Text, pdf].

  • Venkatesh Murthy, "Castes in India: Are They Evolving?" [Full Text, pdf].

  • Mudassir Farooqi, Sarwar Mehmood Azhar, and Rubeena Tashfeen, "Jihadist Organizations: History and Analysis" [Full Text, pdf].

  • Dwight D. Murphey, "The “Four C’s” of Contemporary China" [Full Text, pdf].

  • Colleen E. Haight, "Of Coffee, Cartels and Communism" [Full Text, pdf].

  • Ramsay MacMullen, "Comparative Corruption, Past and Present" [Full Text, pdf].

  • K. R. Bolton, "Cultural Marxism: Origins, Development and Significance" [Full Text, pdf].

  • Roger Pearson, "The Roots of Science: Wyrd and Causality versus Providence" [Full Text, pdf].

  • BOOK REVIEW ARTICLE: "Who We Are and How We Got Here," by David Reich [Full Text, pdf].

  • Book Review -- "Putin Country: A Journey Into the Real Russia," by Anne Garrels [Full Text, pdf].

  • Book Review -- "Einstein: His Life and Universe," by Walter Isaacson  [Full Text, pdf].