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JSPES, Vol. 30, No. 1 (Spring 2005 )

Mowthorpe, Matthew Toward a European Space Force
Zuzowski, Robert Corruption in Post-Communist Europe: Immorality Breeds Poverty
Chang, Yuan-Ching Bilateral Trade and International Interactions: The Impact of Foreign Aid and Tariffs on Political Conflict and Cooperation
Mazumder, M. Imtiaz Is Academic Finance Research of Any Value?
Ellis, Frank From Communismís "Enemy of the People" to PCís "Hate Criminal"
Book Reviews Rethinking the Age of Reform: Britain 1780-1850, The Future of NATO Expansion: Four Case Studies, Mestizo Democracy: The Politics of Crossing Borders, The Nationalization of Politics: The Formation of National Electorates and Party Systems in Western Europe, Race and Regionalism in the Politics of Taxation in Brazil and South Africa