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JSPES, Vol. 47, No. 1-2 (Spring-Summer 2022)
Yu kun Wang and Li Zhang Measuring Tax Revenue and Tax Base Erosion: Evidence from Taiwan
Yusra Alkhalaileh, Ghaida Al-Biltaji, Atallah S. Al Sarhan The Situation of the Kurds after the Popular Revolution in Syria: 2011-2020
Jorge Vasconcellose Sá and Natália Teixeira Lessons From the Subprime Years For the Covid Years
 Huong Le Is Climate Change Crisis a New Global Security Threat? Evidence from the Quality of Government Dataset
Izhar Ul Hassan, Sami Ullah, and Khalid Mughal Socio-Economic Impacts of Internally Displaced Persons on Host Communities In District Bannu
Ikhfan Haris Female Workers in the Indonesian Informal Sector
Jorge Sá and Ana Lúcia Luís Within Economic Blocks, Countries and States Tend to Diverge (Not Converge)
Kerem Cantekin, Ceyhun Elgin and Adem Y. Elveren Evolution of the Relationship Between Incarceration and the Labor Market in the United States, 1945-2016
Daniel A. Beach Multilocus Genetic Analysis and the Assessment of Human Ancestry
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