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JSPES, Vol. 43, No. 1-2 (Spring-Summer 2018)
Bartholomew Armah and Seung Jin Baek Three Interventions to Foster Sustainable Transformation in Africa
A Provocative Look at Globalization and Democracy
Timothy R. Heath Dispute Control: China Recalibrates Use of Military Force to Support Security Policy’s Expanding Focus
Kevin MacDonald The Familial Origins of European Individualism
Venkatesh Murthy Castes in India: Are They Evolving?
Genevieve Enid Meyers The Failure of Democratic Consolidation in Uganda
Mudassir Farooqi, Sarwar Mehmood Azhar, and Rubeena Tashfeen Jihadist Organizations: History and Analysis
Sherko Kirmanj and Abdulla Kukha Sadq Iran’s Foreign Policy Towards Iraq and Syria: Strategic Significance and Regional Power Balance
  Book Reviews — Cop Under Fire by Sheriff David Clarke • The Japanese Colonial Legacy in Korea 1910-1945: A New Perspective by George Akita and Brandon Palmer